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Christ UMC’s Ministries of Witness/Outreach/Nurture

The witness ministries give attention to developing and strengthening evangelistic efforts of sharing personal and congregational stories of Christian experience, faith, and service; communications; lay speaking ministries; and other means which give expressions of witness for Jesus Christ.

The outreach ministries give attention to the local and larger community ministries of compassion, justice and advocacy. These ministries include church and society, global ministries, higher education and campus ministry, health and welfare, Christian unity and interreligious concerns, religion and race.

Nurture and fellowship focus largely on the internal needs of a congregation and prepare the people of that church for ministry outside their congregation within the context of their community and world.

Prayer Ministry Team

We believe that prayer is a pleasing, powerful, and effective line of communication with God and that the prayers of faith of His people move God and change situations and people. Prayer should be an integral part of each Christian’s spiritual life as well as the life of the church family. Working with the pastor, this team desires to provide and encourage prayer by and for individuals, the church family, the leadership of the church, and anyone requesting prayer in the world at large. A culture of prayer is fostered by an active prayer chain, prayer groups, prayer ministers/warriors available at worship and special events, soaking and healing prayer services, etc. Prayer ministers are those who have committed themselves to continuing study and growth in maturity in prayer; and who also have a passion and willingness to pray with expectation “Your Kingdom come Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Witness/Outreach Team

It is the calling and work of every Christian to reach out and share the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and the Good News of the love and grace of God. This team plans and implements Christ Church’s efforts to reach those who haven't heard the Good News as well as encourages the church family in their own responsibilities as evangelists. This team will do what it takes to share Christ's love with others including leading the church family out of the church to spread the Gospel through opportunities to put love into action and serve others in the community and the world.

Worship Team

In an effort to honor and praise God through His helper, the Holy Spirit, it is the goal of this team to connect with the body of believers on every level of their God given senses. We desire to bring each worshiper into the throne room of God through visual, auditory and sensory means. The team is made up of staff members, congregation members and the pastor. They work together to plan and implement the worship experiences that include the entire church family and outreach to those whom God leads to our doors. As attendance at a worship service often serves as the first time people enter our doors, this team also offers hospitality and the love of Christ to visitors by coordinating ushers/greeters for worship and special ministry events as well as organizing visitation teams.

Christ Love Preschool Ministry Support Team 

Christ Love Preschool provides a safe, stimulating developmental atmosphere for two to five year-olds with a Christian Pre-K curriculum. The team, made up of the Preschool Director (serves as team leader), Finance Committee Representative, Board of Trustees Representative, Staff Parish Relations Committee Representative, Children's Ministry Team Representative, Preschool Teacher Representative, Preschool Parent Representative, Lay Leader and the Pastor, provide support to and assist the Preschool Director and staff in all areas of the preschool in order to maintain a quality nurturing education ministry that witnesses to the love of Jesus.

Children's Ministry Team

The team's goal is to build and maintain a strong active children's program of education, fellowship, spiritual growth, and service in the church and the community. The team is responsible for coordinating engaging and age-appropriate curriculum for the children's ministry (nursery through 5th grade) for Sunday School classes, Children's Church and Wee Worship. The team is also responsible for all of the activities associated with the Children's ministry, such as: Trunk-or-Treat, Vacation Bible School, Valentine Party, and Easter Egg Hunt.  All teachers and leaders of children's activities are part of this team.

Youth Ministry Team

The team's goal is to ensure the planning and implementing of activities for 6th through 12th grade-young people, which will nurture their spiritual growth and discipleship of Jesus Christ through bible study, fellowship, and service. This team is responsible for coordinating engaging and age-appropriate curriculum for the youth. The team is also responsible for all activities associated with the youth, such as: Sunday evening events, mission/outreach projects,

retreats/trips and integrating youth into the life of the church and the community. All teachers and leaders of youth activities are part of this team.

Safe Sanctuaries Administrator

This person oversees the implementation of Safe Sanctuaries policies at Christ Church. These policies are intended to keep all members of our church family safe in a secure, loving environment. Responsibilities include chairing a Task Force as needed, providing training to all volunteers with and teachers of children and youth, background checks on volunteers and staff, maintaining first aid boxes and addressing safety issues with appropriate individuals/teams.

Membership Care Team

This team coordinates the congregation’s actions in meeting the needs of the church family including meals/flowers/other support for families during illness, deaths, special meals/events, and visiting shut-ins & hospitalized members.

Christ UMC’s Resource Ministries

Witness, outreach and nurture ministries depend on organized resource ministries in the local church. Resource ministries support the functioning of the other ministries by administration of the church’s organizational and temporal life.

Board of Trustees

The Trustees are responsible for oversight and maintenance of all church property, including the parsonage. This includes making sure the church facilities are adequate for the ministry needs of the church; reviewing the accessibility of the facilities for those with disabilities; reviewing and maintaining insurance coverage; implementing guidelines for the use of the church facility for non-church groups and events; safety inspections; and annual parsonage walk-through.  Members serve a three-year term.

Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)

This committee acts as a link between the pastor, staff and congregation. Duties of the committee include support of pastor and staff, annual evaluations of and recommendations for staff compensation, preparation and updating of job descriptions, evaluating the pastor(s) ministry and developing a ministry covenant for the year, communicating with the District Superintendent the ministerial needs for the congregation. Members serve a three-year term.

Finance Committee 

This committee sets the annual church budget recommended to the Church Council and Charge Conference. It is responsible for oversight of the collection of the church offerings and proper recording of contributions and distributions. It provides for an annual audit and is responsible for communication to the members of the church on how contributions of the church family are used for missions, ministry, maintenance, and other areas. This committee provides financial oversight to Christ Love Preschool. This committee hires a person to keep the financial records of the preschool and s/he reports directly to this committee. This committee chooses a stewardship chairperson who works with the pastor and is responsible for the education of the church family in understanding the meaning of stewardship and God's expectations for the practice of it in all areas of life. Members at large on this committee serve two-year terms.

Committee on Nominations & Leadership Development 

This committee, chaired by the pastor, is responsible for seeking God's guidance in filling positions of church leadership. This group desires to use the gifts & talents of the entire church family to provide Spirit-led leadership & direction for the life & mission of Christ Church. Members serve a 3-year term.